VMware Cloud on AWS

Rapidly extend or migrate your on-premises VMware environment to AWS

Deploy an on-demand hybrid cloud environment by expanding your existing VMware footprint to Amazon Web Services (AWS). VMware Cloud on AWS enables your organization to leverage its existing VMware investments on the cloud, and allows you to continue using familiar skills, tools, and processes.

This solution accelerates cloud migration and simplifies the modernization of your applications with cloud-scale infrastructure and services. VMware Cloud on AWS makes it possible for you to rapidly and seamlessly migrate VMware vSphere-based workloads to AWS in an operationally consistent way.

VMware Cloud on AWS runs production-critical applications across your entire hybrid environment, while full access to all native AWS services and the global AWS infrastructure.

Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS

SQL Server with VMware Cloud on AWS


Increase the versatility of your on-premises Microsoft SQL Server and VMware investments by adopting the on-demand, hybrid cloud offering VMware Cloud on AWS. This solution enables you to rapidly extend your SQL Server capabilities to the cloud and using existing resources such as Microsoft Active Directory and AWS Directory Service helps to simplify the migration process. If your organization is seeking the most direct way to move your SQL Servers to the cloud, consider adopting VMware Cloud on AWS. You can use VMware vCenter and hybrid-linked mode to vMotion your SQL servers to the cloud.

Deploy Microsoft SQL Server on VMware Cloud on AWS

Automated, rapid, seamless integration of Microsoft SQL Server production workloads.

Horizon7 with VMware Cloud on AWS


Deliver powerful, integrated virtual desktops and applications with VMware Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS. By using Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA), Horizon 7 enables you to easily transfer images used for delivering desktop applications between on-premises environments and AWS. There is no need to export or transform the Horizon 7 desktop image from its on-premises format to use it within VMware Cloud on AWS—simplifying the hybrid deployment management of Horizon 7. CPA is a big differentiator for Horizon 7, but above all, its easy integration with AWS services such as Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon Route53, and AWS Directory Services helps simplify the management of these virtual desktops.


VMware Horizon 7

Rapidly build and scale virtual desktops on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Hybrid Networking


Deploy a Hybrid Network Solution from the AWS Partner Network (APN) to define your AWS cloud architecture. These solutions connects your on-premises and AWS cloud resources through a common network to establish one environment. You can then extend your on-premises network configuration and business applications so that AWS resources and services operate as part of your existing, on-premises network environment. As an example, Use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to gain control over your virtual networking environment, and AWS Direct Connect to establish a dedicated private network connection between the two environments.

Implement consistent networking and security for apps running natively on AWS.

VMware NSX Cloud on AWS

Implement consistent networking and security for apps running natively on AWS.